Clairin The Spirit of Haiti

Clairin The Spirit of Haiti

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Le Rocher is the Clairin produced by Romulus Bethel in Pignon, in the arrondissement of Saint-Raphaël in the department of the North, on the national road 3, one hour of dirt road from St. Michel, the village where Sajous is located.

Clairin from Le Rocher distillery is made from syrup, not pure juice. The syrup is simply juice subjected to boiling, in order to be able to preserve it while keeping the peculiarities of the raw material intact.

Three different varieties of sugar cane are used for the production of the syrup. The other uniqueness of Le Rocher is that the syrup is subjected to a fermentation similar to the Grand Arome rums, that is, in the must there are also the residues (stills) of the end of distillation left in the ‘pot’. This addition allows the development of much more intense aromas during fermentation which are then also revealed in the finished distillate. Le Rocher is also a totally natural Clairin, distilled only once and bottled ‘still proof’, i.e. without any dilution, as per the Clairin protocol.
Romulus is a very believer and the name Le Rocher derives from the verses of the Gospel of Matthew 7: 24-27 “The foolish man builds the house on the sand and instead the wise man builds it on the rock”.

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