Selection History

Here is a list of every selection Aficionados Group has been a part of. For selections our members have been involved in outside of official Aficionados Group selections, click here.


Selection NameTypeRetailerStatus
XXX/Four: 15yr South Pacific Rum 2004RumFineDrams.comAvailable
XXX/Five: 2yr Saint Catherine RumRumFineDrams.comAvailable
XXX/Six: 9yr Mauritius Rum 2010RumFinedrams.comAvailable
5 Sentidos Ensamble de 4 MagueysAgaveSeelbach’sSold Out
New Yarmouth NYE/HMRumFineDrams.comAvailable
Le Galion Grand AromeRumFineDrams.comAvailable
Grosperrin 1996 Bas-ArmagnacArmagnacFineDrams.comAvailable
Grosperrin Lot 72 Grande Champagne CognacCognacFineDrams.comAvailable
Grosperrin Lot 45 Fins Bois CognacCognacFineDrams.comAvailable
NETA TepextateAgaveSeelbach’sAvailable


Selection NameTypeRetailerStatus
Hail Yak: Domaine del Cassou 20yr L’Encantada 1998 Cask #44ArmagnacFineDrams.comSold Out
Hail Yak II: Lous Pibous 24yr L’Encantada 1995 Cask #135ArmagnacFineDrams.comSold Out
XXX/Two: 14yr Venezuelan RumRumFineDrams.comSold Out
XXX/Three: 9yr Dominican Rum 2010RumFineDrams.comSold Out
Hampden Estate DOK Overproof RumRumFineDrams.comSold Out
Ardmore 11yr Morrison & Mackay 2008 (r/Scotch Selection)ScotchFineDrams.comAvailable
Wardhead 22yr Morrison & MacKay 1997 (r/Scotch Selection)ScotchFineDrams.comAvailable
Jean-Luc Pasquet Lot 73 Petite Champagne CognacCognacFineDrams.comSold Out
Jean-Luc Pasquet Lot 92 Petite Champagne CognacCognacFineDrams.comAvailable


Selection NameTypeRetailerStatus
XXX/One – 13yr Barbados RumRumFineDrams.comSold Out