Selection History

Here is a list of every selection Aficionados Group has been a part of. Sales are managed through our retailer partners and Aficionados Group is not a for-profit operation. We don’t make money from our selections, and we try to ensure everything is as affordable as possible.


Selection NameTypeRetailerStatus
Clear Creek 15yr Apple Brandy Single Cask SelectionAmerican BrandySharedPourOn Sale
McCarthy’s Rum Matured American Single Malt Single Cask SelectionAmerican Single MaltSharedPourOn Sale
5 Sentidos Ensamble 4 Magueys AgaveSharedPourOn Sale
5 Sentidos Cucharillo y Papalome AgaveSharedPourSold Out
Grosperrin Michaud 1985 Ténarèze ArmagnacArmagnacFineDramsAvailable
L’Encantada Lous Mouracs 40yr L’Encantada 1981 ArmagnacArmagnacSharedPourSold Out
L’Encantada Domaine de Lasalle 33yr L’Encantada 1988 ArmagnacArmagnacSharedPourSold Out
Marquestau 1988 Bas-Armagnac – Aficionados x Fine DramsArmagnacFineDramsSold Out


Selection NameTypeRetailerStatus
L’Encantada Lasalle 1992 Single Cask Armagnac Aficionados SelectionArmagnacBaytowneAvailable
Roger Groult 21-Year Calvados Aficionados SelectionCalvadosSeelbach’sAvailable
5 Sentidos Tobala Reposado AgaveSeelbach’sSOLD OUT
5 Sentidos Tobala EnterradoAgaveSeelbach’s SOLD OUT
Jean Luc-Pasquet 68-72CognacFineDramsAvailable
Jean Luc-Pasquet 70CognacFineDramsAvailable
Jean Luc-Pasquet 75CognacFineDramsAvailable
L’Encantada XO Aficionados & Friends Custom BlendArmagnacSeelbachsSOLD OUT


Selection NameTypeRetailerStatus
5 Sentidos Atenogenes Garcia Madrecuixe, Espadin, Bicuixe Ensamble Exclusive BatchAgaveSeelbach’sSOLD OUT
Clairin: The Spirit Of Haiti Le Rocher Aficionados Group Exclusive BatchRumSeelbachsSOLD OUT
Rezpiral Berta Vasquez Tobala-Cuishe EnsambleAgaveSeelbachsSOLD OUT
Rezpiral Berta Vasquez Espadin-Cuishe-Tepextate EnsambleAgaveSeelbachsSOLD OUT
5 Sentidos Alberto Martinez Sierra NegraAgaveSeelbachsAvailable
5 Sentidos Alberto Martinez TobalaAgaveSeelbachsAvailable
Ballechin 11yr The Ultimate Whiskey Company 2009 First Fill SherryScotchFine DramsAvailable
Tessendier Lot 95 Through The Grapevine Petite Champagne CognacBrandySeelbachsSOLD OUT


Selection NameTypeRetailerStatus
XXX/Four: 15yr South Pacific Rum 2004RumFineDrams.comSold Out
XXX/Five: 2yr Saint Catherine RumRumFineDrams.comAvailable
XXX/Six: 9yr Mauritius Rum 2010RumFinedrams.comAvailable
5 Sentidos Ensamble de 4 MagueysAgaveSeelbach’sSold Out
New Yarmouth NYE/HMRumFineDrams.comSold Out
Le Galion Grand AromeRumFineDrams.comAvailable
Grosperrin 1996 Bas-ArmagnacArmagnacFineDrams.comSOLD OUT
Grosperrin Lot 72 Grande Champagne CognacCognacFineDrams.comAvailable
Grosperrin Lot 45 Fins Bois CognacCognacFineDrams.comSOLD OUT
NETA TepextateAgaveSeelbach’sSOLD OUT


Selection NameTypeRetailerStatus
Hail Yak: Domaine del Cassou 20yr L’Encantada 1998 Cask #44ArmagnacFineDrams.comSold Out
Hail Yak II: Lous Pibous 24yr L’Encantada 1995 Cask #135ArmagnacFineDrams.comSold Out
XXX/Two: 14yr Venezuelan RumRumFineDrams.comSold Out
XXX/Three: 9yr Dominican Rum 2010RumFineDrams.comSold Out
Hampden Estate DOK Overproof RumRumFineDrams.comSold Out
Ardmore 11yr Morrison & Mackay 2008 (r/Scotch Selection)ScotchFineDrams.comSold Out
Wardhead 22yr Morrison & MacKay 1997 (r/Scotch Selection)ScotchFineDrams.comSold Out
Jean-Luc Pasquet Lot 73 Petite Champagne CognacCognacFineDrams.comSold Out
Jean-Luc Pasquet Lot 92 Petite Champagne CognacCognacFineDrams.comSold Out


Selection NameTypeRetailerStatus
XXX/One – 13yr Barbados RumRumFineDrams.comSold Out