Domaine del Cassou 20yr LEncantada 1998 Cask 44

Hail Yak is a release of armagnac produced at Del Cassou, bottled by the well known independent bottler L’Encantada, and selected by the Aficionados Discord server as their first deep dive into brandy.

Selected to highlight the community’s love of Yak (both the majestic creature, and the casual verbal abbrevation for armagnac and cognac), Hail Yak is a great perspective into the unique profiles that can be found in brandy.

This 1998 vintage is a 20 year release bottled at cask strength, without additives or filtration. In blind tasting trials, it was the clear victor against legendary houses like FrĂȘche (1986, 1990 Vintage), Lous Pibous (1995 Vintage), and Lassalle (1991 Vintage).

The nose brings rich syrupy salted caramel, baking spices, and dusty pipe tobacco with light floral undertones and citrus. The palate and finish display orange peel, zesty clove, spice bread, currant, blackberry and syrupy salted caramel. Good oak structure complements the palate, and the 49.2% ABV demonstrates excellent viscosity.

Selected by four members of the Aficionados Discord server: jmarrr12, texacer, t8ke and xreekinghavocx. Logo and sticker by tjw.

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