New Yarmouth NYE/HM

New Yarmouth NYE/HM

Following the success of 2019’s DOK bottling, Fine Drams have teamed up again with the Aficionados group to select not one, but two delectable high ester rums.

This bottling of New Yarmouth NYE/HM steps up to deliver brash contrast and ester structure. New Yarmouth is found in the Clarendon Parish of Jamaica, dates back to the early 1700s, and is the sister distillery to the world famous Appleton Estate.

This rum was made with a base of molasses, fermented for a day and half with a propriety yeast strain, then distilled in New Yarmouth’s small pot stills (far smaller than Appleton’s huge 5,000 gallon pots).

NYE/HM from New Yarmouth is a unique marque given to rums with between 500 and 700 g/hLAA of esters. Chemical analysis has determined this expression delivers 585.5 g/hLAA esters and 1486 g/hLAA total volatile substances, and this 600 bottle batch will surely not last long.

New Yarmouth NYE/HM paints a portrait of sweet banana, powerful hogo funk, rich butter cream, pungent bright fruits, and a hint of balsamic. The rum delivers tons of unique umami flavour and quickly became a darling of the tasting panel – besting other contenders with ease. This is no surprise when you consider that New Yarmouth also produces what is perhaps one of the world’s best known rums – Wray & Nephew Oveproof – very likely the most popular rum on Jamaica. This release pales Wray in comparison – though still pairs well with Ting or grapefruit soda!

The Aficionados x Fine Drams New Yarmouth is bottled at a fearsome 69% ABV, and will appeal to the serious funk-heads out there, whilst working brilliantly as funky “seasoning” in cocktails!

Status: For Sale

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