Grosperrin 1996 Armagnac

Grosperrin 1996 Armagnac

“This Bas-Armagnac is originated from a small farm located close to the village of Courrensan, one of the best place for the Armagnac production. The young winegrower is mainly selling his wine production to a cooperative, but some years the travelling distiller comes to distill a part of this wine production. The cellar is quite small, with a 20 or 30 casks only, the oldest from the early 1990’s. Some of them are extremely good, and this 1996 is one of them.” – Guilhem Grosperrin

This bottling was packed with flavor, and an undeniable panel favorite when selecting this. Pitched against a wide variety of other Grosperrin Armagnacs, this 96 met every criteria to become the next Armagnac in our portfolio. Notes of syrupy fig, rich waffle cone, deep cacao with excellent oak structure.

497 bottles yield, 53.1% ABV, $87 USD

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