Grosperrin Lot 72

Grosperrin Lot 72

“This batch is from the father of the winemaker who produces Folle Blanche for us in the St-Fort-Sur-Le-Né region. Having been distilled many years ago (he retired in 1986!), it cannot be given a vintage because the records have been lost and it is no longer traceable. This batch was distilled in a 7-hectolitre still, over wood and charcoal. No water, no e150a, no boisé.” – Guilhem Grosperrin

This bottling stood out to us against many older vintages. This lot demonstrated the complexity of impressive age with the opulence of grand champagne, laced perfectly together. I can’t think of many cognacs I’ve had nearing this level of quality. Pear, cinnamon roll, cedar, hay and decadent fig are tied together by a demanding, though not overbearing, tannin presence that preserves the dessert forward complexity of this bottling. Candied date fruit on the finish for days.

483 bottles yield, 55.1% ABV, $231 USD

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