Le Galion Grand Arome

Le Galion Grand Arome

Following in the footsteps of a now infamous bottling – Aficionados x Fine Drams DOK Overproof – Le Galion Grand Arôme is a unique and fascinating entry in the annals of unaged, high ester rum. Once again selected in partnership between Aficionados and Fine Drams, this 600 bottle release delivers loads of savoury esters.This rum is made at Le Galion distillery, a rare producer in Martinique in that it uses molasses rather than fermented pressed sugar cane as the base for its spirit. The original sugar factory dates back to 1861, adapting to rum production following World War One (though it retains a small sugar factory, the last to remain active on the island). Le Galion is found close to the sea, by the town of La Trinité in Martinique’s eastern reaches. Grand Arôme is the title given to this distillery’s unique style of high ester, molasses-based rum.

A rare expression, Le Galion Grand Arome clocks in with 481.7 g/hLAA esters and 1342.2 g/hLAA total volatile substances to ensure no lack of flavor at 58.32% ABV. The spirit was distilled in a column still.

The selection panel for this bottling was fierce and controversial, this Grand Arôme stood tall in final rankings to be a worthy successor to the ferocity that DOK delivered last year. Savory and intense, Le Galion Grand Arôme presents an enticing bouquet of papaya, Himalayan salt, peaches, apricot, pineapple upside down cake and hogo.

Another bottling that will delightful the funk-heads, whilst providing a wealth of options for the ambitious cocktail maker!

Status: For Sale

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