Grosperrin Lot 45

Grosperrin Lot 45

“This exceptional batch is one of the very few in our collection to come from a distiller and wholesaler. The large well-known House, once owned by the Suntory group, for some unknown reason relieved itself of a few casks of old Cognac in a top-secret transaction which took place through a certified broker in 2019. This extremely rare lot of two casks is of undeniable interest, even although we cannot guarantee it has never been blended.” – Guilhem Grosperrin

This bottling has seen the world progress, regress, progress and more, spectating a great many years, spent entirely in oak and dumped for this series of bottlings. A particular World War will stick most firmly in most minds, as it was also formally terminated during the fall of this vintage. After such time in oak, this particular expression expresses liberal helpings of char, deep cocoa, a most pronounced rancio, and the decadance of fig pudding, plum preserve and blackberry currant. Oak body is present though well behaved. The finish is eternal.

60 bottles, 50.8% ABV, $456 USD

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