L’Encantada XO “Aficionados & Friends” Custom Blend

L’Encantada XO “Aficionados & Friends” Custom Blend

This is the first ever, fully custom, L’Encantada XO Blend in the United States. Many of you are familiar with Armagnac, as its on a strong upshoot in popularity for years now. It’s a really cool, full circle, experience for me. My first ever selection years back was a 1998 Cassou from L’Encantada as part of the Hail Yak series. If you’ve ever had armagnac, you no doubt recognize the orange wax of Encantada, who’s been at this since before taters have been waxing and glittering bottles. 

For this blend, myself and the other 4 co-founders of Afish sifted through a pile of casks and picked the three we best thought would be blending greats. From there, we invited our friends to help blend. The panel ended up large, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the final product. David from RareBird101, Jason from The Mash & Drum, Steve / SKU from Sku’s Recent Eats and Serious Brand, Ryan Cecil (Pursuit United Blender) of Bourbon Pursuit and myself and the rest of the Aficionados Group board all blended up over the course of many weeks. What we ended up with was a blend of 1993 Belair (excellent vintage, if I do say so myself), 1986 Cassou and 2008 Pouy. The final blend yielded 500 bottles, so there’s plenty to go around. 

The final blend is 57.13% Belair, 28.57% Cassou and 14.28% Pouy.

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