Aficionados Group 2021 Spring Agave Drop

Aficionados Group 2021 Spring Agave Drop

Hey all! Usually we drop one bottle at a time, but this week we’re dropping FOUR! That’s right – 4 different expressions.

Berta Vasquez Cuishe-Tobala Ensamble: This drinks like a total fruit bomb in a great way. Citrus, orange, papaya and mango mix with cream sweetness, pepper and a hint of ash. Low on smoke, a bit of clay here that keeps the sweetness from taking over. 

Berta Vasquez Espadin-Cuish-Tepextate: This is a total about face from the other Ensamble. The Tepextate has so much pop – notes of fresh rain, bell pepper, salinity that blends with espadin sweetness and that cuishe funk. Nice light ash character here. 

Alberto Martinez’s Sierra Negra: bright citrus, lush cream sweetness and plenty of terroir. Minerality, papaya, mango, citrus zest, slate and some light plasticity bring a complex bouquet of savory and fruit forward notes that are incredibly drinkable. Sierra Negra has been an extremely prized target for Aficionados, and this expression does not fail to impress.

Alberto Martinez’s Tobala: lime, light ash smoke, savory agave sweetness and undeniable clay pot presence. Honey, roasted agave, salinity, some cedar and big ripe mango, bell pepper, lemon curd come together to bring a complex drinking experience. Bright and fruity at first, transitioning to savory, smoky and filled with terroir. An excellent look at Tobala – a diverse and difficult Agave to create great batches from.

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